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Friday, January 2, 2015

Global Platform For Freight Forwarders To Grow Their Business

A freight forwarder is the agent, who performs as an importer or exporter tasks such as loading or unloading of good, arranging local transport, storage of goods and so on. is the best one which provides free registration and enormous benefits.

 More worldwide business has to improve the operational efficiency via leading global platform is important. Many companies serving freight forwarder which has integrated systems and various key locations to offer a high level of customer service, global visibility, and lower administration or operational costs to get better margins. The flexibility, diversity and strength of the product capabilities will enable any freight forwarders to move next level of customer service and operational productivity.

Forwarding business is relatively high sensitivity and low margin to declines in the revenue. Traditional and strong base freight forwarders dominate in the international trade and also controlling more than 90 % of heavyweight global air shipments. This percentage has remarkably constant for the past 30 years, and despite all operational and technical changes during that period. offers excellent job opportunity and directory facility to ship your products.

For ocean shipping, the traditional freight forwarders control nearly 75 % of less than container load revenues. Direct carriers are increasingly relying on freight forwarders ability to sell the transportation services instead of directly marketing it to the end customers. The report says that sea freight forwarding business grew by 11.5% as a result of rising fuel prices, overcapacity, and operational costs. The web based services offered by the freight forwarders attracts more customers towards the business. It offers services for any kind of carriage, storage, handling, packing, storage, distribution, and consolidation of the goods. You can get updated latest trends in logistics through news section in

As freight forwarders, these platforms will help you in the following ways:
  • Lower costs by reporting, documentation and automating processes
  • Gain visibility over global shipments for the customers
  • Stay current on changing trade compliance and customs regulations all over the world.
  • Streamline the shipment with single platform which manages the connectivity with customs authorities and global carriers.
  • Lower costs & more effectively manage the trade network while improving the customer service towards global scale.
  • Revenue potential and increase market share with ability to efficiency in the form of all emerging markets and major economies.
Anyone can thrive in global trade and quickly grow the freight forwarding business with the help of right platforms.

There are so many global platforms available for the freight forwarders to grow the business all over the world in a short period of time duration. It becomes the necessary part of everyone’s life. Join with for free to get freight rates

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