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World's #1 Freight Exchange

Get best freight quotes from logistics companies all over the world.

World's #1 Freight Exchange

Get best freight quotes from logistics companies all over the world.

World's #1 Freight Exchange

Get best freight quotes from logistics companies all over the world.

World's #1 Freight Exchange

Get best freight quotes from logistics companies all over the world.

World's #1 Freight Exchange

Get best freight quotes from logistics companies all over the world.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


With Greece’s bailout issue monopolizing local and global news alike, an interesting development in the shipping market took place; the LPG tanker markets have been pulling away, moving higher than before. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking said that “the LPG market has been climbing to some of its highest levels. It has been of note that rates for VLGCs closed today at US$ 136.250 per day (slightly lower than the peak rate of US$ 136.375 achieved on Friday) according to the Baltic LPG assessment, which translates to a TCE basis of well above US$ 4mill per month and is more than a 100% increase from the US$ 60.375 it stood in early January”.

Allied’s George Lazaridis, Head of Market Research & Asset Valuations, noted that “at the same time, there has been an increasing amount of vessels been taken on for period time charters of up to 3 years. This has also led to higher demands in both the LGC and MGC markets where many hold a very bullish view and looking for ever higher premiums for any forward fixing. The main support for all of this has been an increasing appetite for imports by India, which has been the main driver of the market for almost a year now. At the same time and despite the firm demand from India, there is a general increase in activity driven by the overall stellar performance of all energy commodities”.

Lazaridis added that “as such the firm demand will likely continue, possibly leading to a counter of the high number of vessels that had been ordered during 2013 and 2014, which now seem that they could more than easily be covered by the recent growth in demand. Elsewhere the market is also showing strong signs of life, with markets in Europe retaining their bullish outlook as expectations are for a flow of fresh inquiries to emerge in the North Sea region. In the U.S. Gulf, increased activity from refineries there is easily absorbed by traders while it looks as though we may be in sight for even higher volumes over the coming months. Demand has also remained firm in the East, with China countering most of the lag that has seemingly been left by Japan and S. Korea these past weeks. The only exception to this trend seems to be slightly softer interest in the MEG region though it looks as though this is of little concern with activity so abound in most of the other regions”, he noted.... Click to Read More

Meanwhile, “things have been holding more moderate in the smaller sizes with limited activity in terms of small parcels emerging this past week, however it seems that the ample optimism has had a sort of spillover effect here, keeping rates fairly buoyant despite what market fundamentals are pointing otherwise. It is no surprise therefore that it has been the LPG companies that has been able to hold successful IPOs during these past years, while in cases such as the Oslo-listed Aurora LPG we have seen a share buyback efforts launched in an effort to hold more of the gains that are currently been generated. Once again we are faced with the infallible truth that there are always opportunities to be found under any market conditions”, Allied’s analyst concluded.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Freight Forwarding: Choosing the Best Partner

Choosing the best freight forwarding partner is the important factor to withstand in this competitive world. Here some useful information to select the freight partner.
Security, price and compliance rank high plays an important role while choosing an international as well as domestic freight forwarder. Nowadays auctions are getting more popular with the freight contracts. While decision making it includes factors like IT support, value, and service capability are considered.

Here listed some of the tips to select the freight forwarder:

  • Analyze the overall requirements:
Look at the exports, distribution, imports and brokerage. Find your main objectives and compare the responses of the freight forwarder. has more than 1 million logistics service provider, So that you can select your own comfortable freight forwarder by comparing them. Think about the total cost and decide yourself whether you need a small or a large partner for your needs. 

Look at the necessary coverage to support the business, information technology, reporting needs and customer service.

  • Internal management:
Get about the internal management buy in from the service provider. It is the one which supports the decision of your internal organizations.

  • Go with negotiating table:
Keep the demand ready and specify the objectives, as well as identify a start date. Keep the information on density and commodities and terms of sales.

  • Do some homework:
It is important to research about the freight forwarders which you interested in. Learn about their financial strength, local office and coverage. Refer to learn about the freight forwarders without any hidden charges.

  • Get in touch with forwarders:
It is important to maintain a relationship with the service provider to get the best shipping solutions for your needs.

Refer the current RFQ and offer terms and condition and sample agreements you desire. has the facility to subscribe the quote at free of cost.

  • Be selective
Provide RFQ’s to the qualified provider which you pre screened.

  • Set the time frame:
Find the reasonable time for forwarders to reply the RFQ. To provide comprehensive Reponses sets a question and answer at least 3 weeks for the freight forwarders.

  • Narrow the choices:
Analyze the RFQ and also invite the forwarders who meet your requirements and have a regular conversation to address them in a better way. Listen the presentations and raise your questions to get a clear idea.

  • Negotiate and make the choice:

Select the comfortable, reasonable freight forwarders and appoint a team to get your job done and set a time frame for the work. 

8 Tips to Make Importers and Exporters More Productive

There are several aspects involves to make exporters and importers productivity to the higher rate. Make use of this below tips.

Participating in the international trade will automatically increase the productivity of importers and exporters. It is important to explore every aspect of growing and managing your export and import business to increase the productivity.

Here some of the tips to make exporters and importers productivity:

  • There are several aspects available to increase the productivity. It mainly depends on the technological change and leads to an increased rate of the economic growth. This technological change is divided into 3 categories such as increase competitive pressure, knowledge transfer via commercial contacts and embodiment in imports.
  • Imports can increase the firm productivity and also export competitiveness as well as trade growth will contribute to the global economic growth.
  • A firm is offshoring and outsourcing in order to acquire high quality inputs, lower costs, and improves the competitiveness. Offshoring is the one which is related to the location of the production and moving the production into abroad.
  • Intermediate services and goods is the key to increase the competitiveness and productivity. Trade statistics are classified into 3 types of items or goods such as consumption goods, capital goods and intermediate goods. is the best online platform to grasp the details about the exporters and importers in a fraction of seconds. 
  • Regional trade is another tool which helps to increase the productivity very effectively. Intra regional trade is higher than inter regional trade.
  • Mostly emerging economies are integrated with the global production networks. It offers benefits for whom they trade and their own individual economics.
  • Participate in local trade boards. Through this you can access and research resources which offer good trade information. In that way, is the best tool to find more logistics service providers and exporters and importers. No registration fee and hidden charge for requesting Freight Quotes through this online service provider.
  • Make Use of the customs broker, when are you new to importers and exporters business.  Because it will take time to clear paper work. A customs broker is the worth service to withstand in this business.
  • The Site like offers valid information about the international trade. So access this site to gather an array of information to increase the business productivity.
  • Be familiar with all the Incoterms, terms, conditions and licensing procedures and renew the licenses in a regular time interval.
Both imports and exports provide enormous benefits for firms, individuals, global economic performance and countries. is the world’s best online platform with more than 1 million importers as well as exporters for all your needs and requirements in shipments. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

How Importers Can Get Best Freight Rates In The World?

In today’s interlinked world economy, the most of the consumers are used to see the products and produced from the each end of the world in the local stores and malls. Without hidden charges really helps to manage the household budgets and offers choices to the consumers.  The importer in the will maintain a relationship with the exporters so that they can ship products or things from their own country to foreign destinations. An import is one of the influences on the economic and consumer directly, through the impact on currency levels, which are the biggest determinants of any nation’s economic performance. In that way, the importer has to find the best freight rates to excel in it. Finding the reliable and reasonably priced service provider is the important factor to select the best freight rates in the world. It is the important one which helps to provide the business into worldwide users. You need to find a good importer and make the solid connection to establish a relationship with the companies or service provider. is the online service provider for all your needs. Be familiar with the current regulation and laws, government promotional facilities and market report for your convenience. You can request quotes for the freight services from the

Here some of the tips and guides for importers from to get the best freight rates:
Ø  Big companies can get high freight rates when compared to smaller companies. Take necessary steps to professionalize the web presence of the company before discussing with freight forwarders.
Ø  The supplier itself can arrange freight for the importers.
Ø  Many online companies are ready available to supply the list of best freight provider. This specialized company helps you to combine services from the various service providers to save the money. This company will collect the necessary documents directly from the freight providers and suppliers.
Ø  You can use a variety of freight providers for the ocean or air portion as well as the land portion of your voyage. While you combine service from various companies will add to the hassles, money savings may enough to identify the inconvenience.
Ø  You can get the best freight rate which deals on air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, trucking and other services through comparing it in online.

The major portion of the freight rates is borne by importers only. The freight quote will vary from one country to another country. Developing countries are likely to foot the bills for the import rates. Cuts in the export freight rates, mostly solicited by the developing countries. If the export rates were cut, then import rates may rise certainly. will market the freight rates easily. 

Global Platform For Freight Forwarders To Grow Their Business

A freight forwarder is the agent, who performs as an importer or exporter tasks such as loading or unloading of good, arranging local transport, storage of goods and so on. is the best one which provides free registration and enormous benefits.

 More worldwide business has to improve the operational efficiency via leading global platform is important. Many companies serving freight forwarder which has integrated systems and various key locations to offer a high level of customer service, global visibility, and lower administration or operational costs to get better margins. The flexibility, diversity and strength of the product capabilities will enable any freight forwarders to move next level of customer service and operational productivity.

Forwarding business is relatively high sensitivity and low margin to declines in the revenue. Traditional and strong base freight forwarders dominate in the international trade and also controlling more than 90 % of heavyweight global air shipments. This percentage has remarkably constant for the past 30 years, and despite all operational and technical changes during that period. offers excellent job opportunity and directory facility to ship your products.

For ocean shipping, the traditional freight forwarders control nearly 75 % of less than container load revenues. Direct carriers are increasingly relying on freight forwarders ability to sell the transportation services instead of directly marketing it to the end customers. The report says that sea freight forwarding business grew by 11.5% as a result of rising fuel prices, overcapacity, and operational costs. The web based services offered by the freight forwarders attracts more customers towards the business. It offers services for any kind of carriage, storage, handling, packing, storage, distribution, and consolidation of the goods. You can get updated latest trends in logistics through news section in

As freight forwarders, these platforms will help you in the following ways:
  • Lower costs by reporting, documentation and automating processes
  • Gain visibility over global shipments for the customers
  • Stay current on changing trade compliance and customs regulations all over the world.
  • Streamline the shipment with single platform which manages the connectivity with customs authorities and global carriers.
  • Lower costs & more effectively manage the trade network while improving the customer service towards global scale.
  • Revenue potential and increase market share with ability to efficiency in the form of all emerging markets and major economies.
Anyone can thrive in global trade and quickly grow the freight forwarding business with the help of right platforms.

There are so many global platforms available for the freight forwarders to grow the business all over the world in a short period of time duration. It becomes the necessary part of everyone’s life. Join with for free to get freight rates

Get Best Freight Offer For Your International Shipments

Freight forwarder is the licensed service to support shippers as well as movement of the goods. is the largest service provider. It performs services includes:

  • Arrange for shipping insurance, storage.
  • Arrange for containerization of the cargo
  • Quote air or ocean freight rates
  • Prepare documents which are needed for the international shipping
  • Make arrangements to ensure safe and speed the movement of goods.
  • Recommend to all degrees of packing
You can get freight request through email and save your freight cost. Freight forwarding extends services from domestic to international shipping. In that way, it is necessary to select the best freight service for all your international shipping needs and requirements. These service professionals will ship almost anywhere and anything. Select the company which has years of experience in the international shipments. Freight is made easy now with the help of the best providers. They will work with a variety of trucking and freight companies to provide customer with the best service and cost. Most of the freight ensures fast and safe delivery of your shipment. It offers FTL shipping, LTL shipping, specialty equipment and much more for the customers. Select the best freight company which offers excellent service at competitive price.

The professional in the freight company will fulfill all your needs and necessary. They will complete all the paperwork, research on the country’s restrictions so that the shipment arrives on time. It provides shipment services to various part of the world.

It offers unique solution for the international shipments. Most of the company has customer support staffs to assist you 24/7 for all your shipping needs. You can speak directly to an authorized person for any queries related to international shipping. It helps all the ins and outs of the international shipments. You can get the details about current affairs, customs enforcement procedures, rule changes by country and much more. 

You can get the most updated information when you speak with customer support staffs and it means your package will arrive on time and in good condition. The trusted freight service provider offers auction, antique, fine art and high value shipments too. No matter where and when the items that you need to ship, just contact freight quote. Most of the company will handle both local and international shipments with links to support the customers. It provides full service from pickup to delivery to many international destinations. In addition to this, they provide full custom documentation, brokerage, compliance and full service appraisals. Refer directory to get the details of logistics service providers all over the world. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shipping Exchange - Unique Marketplace of Shipping and Logistics.

Shipping Exchange - World's Premier Portal of Shipping, Logistic and Transportation Industry offer News, Jobs, Business Directory, Articles, Shopping, International Freight Rates. New biggest Portal of Shipping and Logistics industry launched today, This is excellent portal to discussed about shipping and Logistics Industry, in the shipping portal you may find industry related news, jobs, freight request, freight offers, articles and branding solutions. Shipping Exchange integrates shipping and logistics community to improve economies of freight.  

Shipping Exchange as a matchmaker who unites Logistics service providers with companies that require logistics services.
Portal provides world’s largest shipping and logistics directory of service providers and companies involved in international trade. Generic online employment websites have left many with unpleasant experiences and unfulfilled expectations. To fill this void the Jobs feature on this portal focuses only on shipping and logistics industry.    

Online shipping b2b platform provide an excellent opportunity for people to exchange their ideas and find solutions to their problems. Knowledge Base feature caters to ambitious professionals who want to excel in this industry. You may also upgrade yourself with latest shipping and logistics news from all over the world. Through this portal shipping exchange provide an opportunity for credible vendors to sell books, market reports and other useful merchandise related to shipping and logistics industry. 

Shipping Exchange is also in a process of developing market-tradable international freight (ocean, air and surface) derivates. According to industry experts this tool will help in providing certainty of logistics cost to companies involved in international trade and at the same time provide liquidity to logistics service providers. The speculative nature of freight derivates will give a true indication of current and future outlook of this industry. All our above efforts are towards helping shipping and logistics industry take a leap forward to integrate with latest information technology. We encourage you to become an active participant on this shipping and logistics portal.
Source : Shipping Exchange - PR